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9 tips to get a better sleep

Health experts, whoever and wherever, certainly encourages us to exercise regularly. Maybe you were already tired of listening to this advice many times. I just remind you once again this time. :)
There are so many benefits of exercise, one of which help you to quickly sleep at night and you get quality sleep (deep).

2. Schedule your sleep time
Schedule your sleep regularly is also an important thing in getting quality sleep. Avoid these, today you sleep at 9 pm, the next day at 12 am and the next day again at 10 pm. Regularity will help the metabolism in your body running well.
3. Know your habits
Connecting point 2 above, so you know the hours you sleep each night, make sure you prepare everything you usually do before going to sleep well so that you do not miss sleeping hours. For example: you plan to sleep every night at 11 and you have the habit of reading less than half an hour before bedtime. 10:30 That is the maximum you should already start reading so at 11 pm you are asleep.
4. Do not consume a heavy meal before bedtime
Make sure you do not eat heavy or too much before bedtime. Light dinner is recommended. Nowadays I often hear people go on a diet at night. Many of my colleagues started to do this: they eat a little rice or even not eat rice at all, just the side dishes and vegetables only. It is excellent. Very full stomach can make you difficult to sleep. If you still feel hungry, snacking on fruits are recommended rather than 'junk food'.
I've heard the advice of people who are very successful and wise, at the age of 60 but still has headed energetic as the age of 40 years: "get enough sleep, drink and eat a lot do not get too full."
Yes, advice is very simple but can make people live longer.

5. Turn off your computer
If you are a computer enthusiast whether for browsing or playing games, it is recommended you to make a pause between you stop playing with the current computer before you climb to the top of your bed, minimum ½ hour. Normally we would find it difficult to sleep if we lie down after using a computer. Relaxing your brain for a moment, because your brain is still 'hot' at that time.
It is sometimes difficult to do this, as I have, and definitely feel too bad if we wasted half an hour is not in front of the computer.
But I also feel if my brain had a 'cold', I became faster to fall asleep.
6. Do not talk on the phone before going to bed
This is similar to point no 5. When you chat with your friends on the phone, your brain when it is in 'standby mode'. It takes time to turn it into a 'quiet mode'. Take time approximately half an hour to cool your brain before you go to bed.
7. Make sure your bedroom lamp outages
Highly recommended if we sleep in a state of a dark room. Most experts advise to turn off the lights when we rest because it will affect the quality of our sleep. I once read an article that said that the light effect will stimulate certain hormones and ultimately affects the metabolism in our body.
Usually if the room where we rest in the dark, we will sleep soundly and are rarely maintained.

8. Mattress
Is your mattress is too old to use? Whether in the middle is more flat than the sides? If so, I suggest you to replace it with a new one, which will better sustain your body so that you feel much more comfortable during sleep.
This usually happens on a mattress containing cotton. Model 'spring bed' rarely occurs.
9. Environmental your sleep
If you often woke up only to turn off the air conditioner or fan because of the cold, it is obviously greatly affect the quality of your sleep. Set the timer to the AC / fan or if there is no timer, make sure you wrap yourself before going to bed so you do not wake up at night to turn off the air conditioner or fan.
So dear readers, starting today you can do the above tips so that you can sleep with a better quality, so that on the next day you can start your day with a fresh and cheerful.

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